8) Beanie Baby

Top Ten Most Expensive Dolls And Playthings

While the collectible Beanie Baby figures aren’t actually dolls, these soft stuffed animals appeal to girls, and even adults, in the same way. Each Beanie Baby is based on a different animal and they have been produced in fairly limited editions by manufacturer Ty Warner. The most valuable Beanie Baby to date is the royal blue elephant named Peanut. While the elephant was scheduled to be made in a light blue, an error in the production process resulted in a small batch being run in a darker shade. Stuffed animals from this mis-run batch have been valued as high as $5,000 today.

7) Twin Hilda JDK

For someone who loves more classic style baby dolls, the antique twin Hilda JDK, Kestner Dolls might be the perfect gift. These beautiful baby dolls have angelic features painted on and eyes that open and close. Each baby is also dressed in exquisite clothes. The twins are currently listed on Ebay, selling for a buy-it-now price of $7,500.

6) Original Barbie

When you think of a Mattel Barbie doll, you probably think of the molded plastic figures that now sell for between $10 and $20 and are available sporting a variety of stylish outfits. But in fact the original Barbie, which was released in 1959 and is No. 1 in a very long line, comes with quite a bit higher price tag these days. In fact, in mint condition, this collector’s item sells for about $8,000.

5) Diamond Teddy Bear

Top Ten Most Expensive Dolls And Playthings

Most children today own at least one cuddly teddy bear, but chances are these stuffed animals can’t compare to a limited edition bear that was created by a German company to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the teddy bear. The special bear, which is the most expensive one ever made, has a mouth formed by out a piece of solid gold and eyes out of diamonds and sapphires. The price tag for these bears goes as high as $193,000.

4) Diamond Barbie

A diamond is forever, even when it is worn by doll. That’s why diamond manufacturer De Beers partnered with Mattel in 1999 to create Diamond Barbie as a way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this popular doll. This special edition toy is decked out in a gown featuring 160 diamonds. This well-dressed doll retails for $85,000.

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