Top Ten Most Expensive Dolls And Playthings

Walk into any toy store and the variety of dolls for sale is sure to amaze you. Today, there is a doll for almost every child’s taste and style, from tiny figures small enough to fit in your palm of your hands to larger-than-life toy babies and children with realistic features and hair that are sure to keep your children entertained. There are even dolls that talk, walk, swim and eat, but surprisingly, some of the most expensive doll varieties don’t do much of anything at all except perhaps look exceptionally pretty.

A Long-Standing Tradition

Most little girls love playing with dolls, and many young boys enjoy action figures and stuffed animals that challenge their imagination. In fact, the tradition of giving children dolls and similar playthings stems back to ancient times. The earliest dolls were modeled after religious figures and adults, but in the mid 1800s, historians say that some of the most popular dolls that were manufactured in France began to look more like children. Over the years, in addition to realistic (and not so realistic) dolls that have been created, there are also a variety of unusual doll styles, action figures and stuffed animals on the market that have been designed to appeal to children of all ages. The price of such items varies greatly, from just a few dollars on up to a few thousand, or even a few million, dollars.

Collectible Dolls and Playthings

Here is a list of the most expensive dolls and related toys on the market today. If you can afford to splurge like this, remember that while these items may look like children’s playthings, most are collectibles and should therefore be stored safely away from eager little hands, which could easily damage them. Items like these should be carefully displayed to preserve their value and beauty.

10) Ghostface Doll

Not all dolls are delicate, pretty little things and not all are meant for young children, either. A popular rap group called Wu Tang Clan markets an action figure called The Ghostface Doll, which is just 9 inches tall and wears a red-velvet robe and a Yankees cap. The doll, which is a limited edition collector’s item, also wears a wristband and medallion that are both made of 14-karat gold. It sells for $499.99, which comes out to about $56 an inch.

9) Cinemaquettes

Boys who love action-packed movies may be captivated by a line of figurines that are called “Cinemaquettes” and are based on characters from some of the most popular titles. Some of the recent figures include the Godfather and the Predator. All are museum quality, and are finished in such realistic minute detail that they even feature strands of human hair stitched onto the head. These editions, which are released in very small numbers, are made to look at, not to play with, since they retail for between $1,000 and $1,500 each.

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