Top Ten Most Extravagant Foods

Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? If so, you might want to find out more about some of the most extravagant – and delicious – foods you can buy today. From decadent sandwiches to pricey sushi to an opulent ice cream sundae, there is something for almost anyone’s taste. And even the most common fast food can reach great heights if you can afford to splurge on the rarest and most unusual varieties.

Sampling Of The Most Extravagant Foods Money Can Buy

It seems like even the most basic foods take on new life when they are combined with special extras, such as caviar and truffles (not necessarily together). Therefore, if you have the money and don’t mind having nothing to show for your investment, except perhaps the memory of a great meal and a little extra padding around your waistline, here is a sampling of some of the best and most expensive treats you can try.

10) Macaroni And Cheese With White Truffles (Mélisse)

Perhaps only in LA could you find the unlikely team of macaroni and cheese paired with white truffles to create the perfect gourmet meal. You can try this unusual taste at a trendy restaurant called Mélisse, where the chef pulls together a mix of parmesan cheese, brown butter truffle froth and white truffles with fresh tagliatelle. Such creativity comes at the cost of $95 a plate. But money and desire alone aren’t enough- you can only order this special item from October through December, when white truffles are in season.

9) Kobe Beef Cheesesteak (Barclay Prime)

If a Philly cheesesteak has long been one of your favorites, you might want to try the gourmet version of this old standby, which is available at the Barclay Prime steakhouse in Philadelphia. What takes this cheesesteak to new heights is Kobe beef with butter-poached lobster and melted Talegio cheese on a brioche bun. French black truffle shavings on top provide the finishing touch. The $100 price for this item includes a small bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne to wash down the tasty meal.

8) Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich (Cliveden House)

If you want to try a different, and even more expensive, variation on a sandwich, next time you find yourself abroad consider stopping at the Cliveden House hotel in Taplow, Berkshire. There, you can order the von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich for the not-so-modest price of almost $200. For the money, you get a triple decker that is jam packed with gourmet chicken, ham, hard-boiled quails’ eggs. The whole thing is topped with white truffles.

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