When you think of Haute Couture, you probably don’t think of faded denim. But in fact, the latest crop of designer jeans comes in a variety of custom-made options decked with rich embellishments, from embroidery to platinum rivets to precious diamonds accents. And the prices are just as extravagant, with some pairs costing as much as a luxury car or even more.

Worthy Of A Splurge

Top Ten Most Expensive Jeans

Not all denim is created equal. When the price tag is sky high, you can expect the finest materials, including the best weaves, rarest batches of fabric and lots of hand-work and details that you won’t find in more mass produced clothing. And when the budget is unlimited, there are many fresh and eye-catching options to choose from. In addition, while style is important, so is fit. That’s why the best pairs of jeans are cut, finished and accented in all of the right places to enhance the wearer’s shape.

Just keep in mind that not every buyer thinks newer is better. In fast, some prefer to stick with the real tried and true styles. That’s why several items on this list are either distressed or, in the case of number 9, date very, very far back in time.

10) Levi Strauss & Co.

The name Levi Strauss & Co. may conjure up images of basic, practical jeans, but the well-known company has recently taken its reputation up to new heights with the introduction of its premium denim. Called the Levi Capitol E jean, these high-end pants are sewn by hand out of high-quality denim and it can take as many as 30 people from start to finish to craft just one pair. Such intensive workmanship doesn’t come cheap. In fact, the most expensive cuts of these jeans sell for as high as $500 a pair and no two are exactly alike. (And it’s interesting to note that these actually aren’t even close to the most expensive Levi’s out there. See number 9 on this list for more about noteworthy Levi sales.)

9) 7 For All Mankind

The popular 7 For All Mankind brand has become known for its high quality fabric and exceptional cut. Pairs start at a few hundred dollars and are readily available at better department stores in a variety of colors, weaves and styles. The top of the line pairs can run as high as almost $1,000, and some fans of this line swear that the cut gives the illusion of thinner legs and leaner thighs, which just may make it a worthy buy.

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